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10am – Morning Prayers and SA-RE-GA Sound Healing
Devotional sound and movement.


10:20-11.15 Journey to Annwfn with Bee
Visualisation to take you into the magickal realm of the Otherworld to meet the Goddess and release discomfort and emotional pain, ready to receive the gifts offered to you by the priestesses and priests of Cerridwen.

11.30 Voice of the Goddess Oracling
Three priestesses will answer your questions.




2 – 3.45pm The Magick of Mrs Darley Revealed with Carole Carlton

Carole has written seven books based on her magickal connection with the enigmatic Mrs Darley whom she met in the early 1990’s on the beautiful and mysterious Bodmin Moor. A meeting of soul sisters leading to the rediscovery of the Knowing, “A stirring of a memory long since buried”, as Carole describes it. 

Carole’s talk will conclude with a Rite of Passage working.

4 – 4.30pm Drumming and Singing
Bring your drum if you have one.



7-9.30pm Embodiment Evening with Cerridwen

The evening will begin with a journey to Lake Bala, home of the Goddess Cerridwen. There we will release the burden of pain and suffering from the events of the last two years with the practice of keening. We will be keening our own personal grief and the world grief. After this, we will meet the Goddess, embodied by a priestess of Cerridwen, and receive the blessings and healing from the Goddess. 

START: 10 am

10am Community Prayer

Praying for the local and global community.


10.30am Seership in the Cerridwen Training

Tarot readings for visitors by priestesses.


11.30 Remembering the Witchcraft Persecutions: Working towards healing and transformation with Gail and Emma

Gail and Emma have taken the lead in our community to bring justice and reparation for those women and men who have died unjustly during the witchcraft trials.



2pm Advocacy in Real Life

Priestesses sharing their work with the Goddess.

3.30 Tea Ceremony for Peace with Ruth.

Ruth is blending her own mix of herbs to bring peace in these troubled times.


Avalon Room – Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, 2-4 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU, United Kingdom