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START: 10 am

Key Note Speaker: Kathy Jones – Creatrix of the Goddess Temple of Avalon

The creation and calling forth the Goddess of the land of Avalon. 

Speaker: Bee Helygen – The Return of the Death Priestess and Avalon Soul Healing
In Service of the Goddess of Death and Rebirth – Working as a Priestess in mainstream healthcare.

Speaker: Janet Boudicca Parfitt – Creative Writing with the Goddess of Inspiration

Poems, Stories, Myths and Prayers written for specific purpose to send messages into the world – Spell Song Singer




Speaker: Jacqueline Kirwan – Cerridwen – So(u)rceress

Cerridwen – is the source of all magic and mystery – the Swynwraig, magic woman. Magic is all around us, using breath and will to bring about change through the power of connection with nature.  

Workshop: Ruth Llyn Cogan – Practical Priestessing

Ruth is a founding member of the Bristol Goddess Temple, she and her sisters are examples of how to bring Goddess into the world by means of practical creation.

START: 10 am

Speaker: Livvy Adams – Healing with Horses – Priestessing for Young Offenders

Emotional Healing with horse allies for the most severe cases of disconnection and social isolation. Our young people find this current world situation difficult to make sense of, working with the horses are exercises of trust, companionship and care for the community. 

Speaker: Carole Carlton – Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

Aromatherapy and Incense to alter the consciousness, can relieve pain in illness, trigger memories for personal gnosis and emotional healing. Olfactory triggers can help the soul release and assist the moving beyond the physical body.



Priestess Panel – free flow – ask us anything – Priestessing in Real Life

Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation to journey the Western Isle, meet the Goddess and your Beloved Dead

Sacred Brew Ceremony

Flowing into the “Sacred Brew Ceremony” of Gratitude and Forgiveness


Goddess House – 28 Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ, United Kingdom