Kathy Jones

Kathy Jones is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess. She is Founder, Creative Director & Temple Weaver of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Goddess Hall & Goddess House. She is Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Conference and is the Motherworld Initiator. She has lived on the Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury for forty years and loves this sacred land of Goddess. She is a ceremonialist, teacher, writer, wounded healer, initiator, enabler, Temple Melissa and sacred dramatist. She is the author of many acclaimed Goddess books including ‘Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess’, ‘The Ancient British Goddess’, ‘Re-Membering the Nine Morgens’ and ‘Soul and Shadow – Birthing Motherworld’. Kathy offers with other dedicated Priestesses, a 3 Spiral Training to become a Priestess or Priest of Avalon, and other Goddess and Soul Healing trainings. www.kathyjones.co.uk

Bee Helygen

Bee Helygen is a Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Cerridwen. She is a Conference Ceremonialist (2018 & 2019), a Goddess Embodiment, an Oracle Priestess & Seer, a Temple Weaver. She is an Awenydd (Inspirer), a Swynwraig (Wise Woman). She was trained by Kathy Jones as an Emotional Healer and is a Soul Reader & Death Midwife. Bee speaks fluent German, English, some Dutch and Welsh. She lives with her Priest husband of 30 years in the centre of Glastonbury. www.cerridwen.co.uk

Livvy Adams

Livvy Adams

Olivia ‘Livvy’ Adams is a Priestess of Cerridwen. She spent the early part of her life as a front line police officer in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, working on the now defunct Police women’s Unit which helped women and children in abusive relationships, as victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Having left the police force to bring up her two children, Livvy subsequently retrained as an accountant, and continues to work with clients today. Livvy has a strong interest in holistic health and healing for animals and people, and is currently studying level 3 Counselling with the CPCAB. www.paintedhorse.org.uk  

Paintedhorse is a not for profit organisation (https://paintedhorse.org.uk) with a healing herd of eleven horses and ponies who help people to ReWild back to their authentic self.
Unlearn what you have learnt, and realise what you already know. Develop your self awareness, explore your emotions and energies, improve your communication and connection with yourself and others. Stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’; be outside in nature, be with the herd, be mindful and connect to your wild self.

Carole Carlton

Carole Carlton is a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator in many aspects of Pagan practice. She is a clinical Aromatherapist, herbalist, Reiki Master/Teacher for the UK Reiki Federation and has lectured in the Far and Middle East and many parts of the UK. 

She is proprietor of ‘Mrs Darley’s Herbal’, a herbal and Pagan giftware shop in Bewdley Museum in Worcestershire, where, in addition to a wide range of loose leaf herbal teas, oils and incenses, her husband handcrafts bespoke athames, staffs, wands and pyrographed artwork. 

Carole is also the author of the ‘Mrs Darley’ series of Pagan books, each of which explores a different aspect of Pagan practice. The books skilfully weave together the theoretical aspects of Paganism with delightful tales of the enigmatic, magical and ever wise Mrs Darley, Carole’s next door neighbour when she moved to a tiny tin miners cottage on the South Eastern edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the early 1990’s. The seventh book in the Mrs Darley series has recently been released, entitled, ‘Mrs Darley’s Fragrant Herbal  – A Planetary Journey into the Aromatic World of Herbs, Oils, Resins and Spices’.

Carole can be contacted via her web site at www.arcanus.co.uk, follow her on facebook, on twitter or on instagram at ‘mrsdarley’


Ruth Llyn Cogan

You and I have a kindred connection to the heartbeat of  the Great Mother  if you were never happier as a child flying a kite on a blustery hillside watching the clouds dance by, or catching tadpoles with a net made from nanny’s stocking, or enjoying long summer days returning home purple-stained and happy from picking berries for a pie, or watching a buzzard soar, or being in awe of the beauty and tenacity of the first snowdrops in spring, or being totally enthralled by dancing flames in the hearth at Yule.  Such an abundance of pure joy and beauty we receive on our Island of Albion.

For me, eventually the hustle and bustle of life and motherhood receded, and then in one moment, in a sunny woodland glade breathing in all of nature, something arcane stirred within me.  Listening to the whispers of the Divine Spirit, I knew that a new path lay before me or was it simply a remembering. 

And here I am a student of life and spirituality, a witch, holistic therapist, a Priestess Healer and Priestess of Goddess Cerridwen.  I am privileged to be a founder member and Melissa Mother at the Bristol Goddess Temple serving a wonderfully diverse community, where we hold various groups, workshops, healings and seasonal celebratory gatherings. Merry meet!

Janet Boudicca

Janet Boudicca Parfitt is a Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of the Goddess, Tarot & Oracle Reader at the Goddess Shop Glastonbury, a Temple Melissa and the Editor of the Goddess Temple News. She is a regular celebrant at the Dark Moon Ritual and a gifted ceremonialist creating beautiful bespoke ceremonies here in Avalon. She has lived with her husband Gary and their cat Merlin in Avalon for the last five years and loves it!